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A legacy, 130 years in the making.

For a period of over 130 years, we at the Kirloskar Group, have focused on the progress of economic self-sufficiency and industrial growth in India. Our first products, the iron plough and chaff cutters, were introduced to encourage modernization in the agricultural and farming sector in the early 1900s. Developed at a small-scale machine tool workshop behind a bicycle shop, the iron plough proved to be the first among many engineering innovations that the Group would pioneer in the future.

Inspired by our founders’ vision and values, our Group has built its foundation on the basis of strong business ethics, growth driven innovation, quality products, commitment to corporate responsibility and ensuring the co-existence of industry and environment. We have also consistently believed in adopting the latest technologies and embracing global cooperation, whether through joint ventures or technical collaborations, and being one of the first in India to do so.

Despite the changing socio-political backdrop of our country, we have remained resilient and focused in driving economic growth. In pursuit of encouraging national progress, our group of companies have diversified and grown multifold to introduce a wide range of products from diesel engines to electric motors; agricultural equipment to industrial scale refrigeration systems and from compressors to road railers. As consumers of global resources, we are acutely aware of the need to conserve non-renewable resources and believe in social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Our in-depth understanding of the dynamics of industrialization and market requirements have greatly aided in expanding our global reach to over 70 countries. Major challenges have been faced and overcome - from world wars to global pandemics and each one has allowed us to adapt to new circumstances and become stronger. As one of India’s largest engineering companies, we believe we have a responsibility towards our customers and the country to keep addressing the needs of our times and strive to transform as many lives as possible. In the process, we transform ourselves as well.

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